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What do I like? Sex. Travel. Inventing Stuff. History. Interesting Conversations (factual and emotional).
Women. Writing. Comedy. Good books. Music. Love. Friends. New Stuff. Learning Languages. Astronomy. Genetics. Neurophysiology. Cell Biology. Psychology. Math. Chemically altered happiness. Dancing. Aerobics. Swimming. Flirting. Writing first drafts. Large projects.

What am I good at? Computers, Ideas, Inventing Stuff, Motivating, Instigating.

What could I be happy doing? Scholar. Making money.

What could I not mind doing? Successful executive. College Professor. Massage Therapist.

What would I like to do? Do something original that people like.

Why does it have to be original? Pride. Habit. What the world rewards.

Is this a good or bad thing? Both. Gets me into large projects that eat me. Ph.D., Sun X-Terminal, Novel, Friendware, VBCS. Do they have rewards? Some, but never made me happy. Then why keep doing them? Vanity. Habit.

What do I not like? VC (Venture Capitalists), the Valley and working for Potter.

--- Jack, 2003



Inventing Stuff


Chemical Altered Happiness

Good Books


Learning Languages

Mental Health

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