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Jack loved music. He learned to play a little piano, but a certain lack of rhythm and pitch control hampered his efforts to play music or sing on his own, although he often did both in the wee hours of the morning, when he was alone and thought no one was listening.

He also made over 300 mix tapes, soundtracks for different parts of his inward and outward life, both music and comedy. These tapes are listed here. Over time, the track listings from the music tapes will also be listed here, but the actual music cannot be posted on this website, as it belongs to the original artists.

105 Colonial Village 1977 A Few Moments Of Courage
A Good Cry A Scum Unwarned Ace Of Daffodils
Addressing The Help Files Aerobic Trance After Party Prep
Aga's Paradise Khan Albedo 0.39 All Night Love Songs
Alone Again 1 Alone Again 2 Alternate Anthems
Anaconda Not Elan Aphrodite's Child Apologies To My Mistress
Athens & Corinth Attention K-Tel Shoppers Aw, Just One More Time
Be Careful It's Thin Up Here Beauty is only Soul Deep Beginning My Trousseau 1
Beginning My Trousseau 2 Benji Between Marriage & Divorce
Between The Covers Beyond Baltimore & The Bay Beyond The Velvet
Big Boys Do Cry Bill and Newt's Execrable Adventure Blue 2th
Blue Poetry (Caution) Book/Country Brother, Sisters, Are Doing It For Ourselves, Our Family, And Our Kind
Bubblegum III/Spring '96 Budoir Table Byron Learns Tomming
California Sirens Camp Town Ladies Can & Will
Candle Time Future Return Cause Friends Is Something You Decide For Yourself CD I
CD II Chapters 1, 2 Chapters 10, 11, 12
Chapters 12, 13 Chapters 14, 15, 16 Chapters 16, 17, 18
Chapters 18, 19, 20 Chapters 20, 21, 22 Chapters 22, 23
Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Chapters 7, 8, 9 & 10 Cheerful
Cherry Blossom Love Chock Full O' Nuts Christmas
Christmas Island Guide Chuggin' Clean Up
Coconut Reef Coffee Sluice Comedy
Comedy II Comedy III Comedy IV
Comedy V Comedy VI Cordelia's Perspective
Corny Popped Weasels Cotton Candy County Fair
Cream Creamin' On The Ritz Cromwell's New Model
Croonin' and Snappin' Cry Tough Curacao Mosaic
Dances With Foxes Dark 'n Bitter Deep Tripping
Depression, Poverty & Victory Deviant Strut Difficult But Trustworthy
Diffusion Avoidance Discotti Classico Discotti Classico II
Discovering My Little World Disravutable Doggie Door To Warm Springs
Doin' It Together Don't Count On It 1 Don't Count On It 2
Don't Touch Him - He's Mine Downtown Community Resistance Dreams & Work
Drive Tape Eagle Feather Early Nookie
Eleanor's Freedom Electric Leedyland Electronic Vaudeville
Endorphin Accellerant Escape Tape Evolving Pillow Laughter I
Evolving Pillow Laughter II Failure Antibody MHC-I Failure Antibody MHC-II
Faith Is A Double-Edged Sword Fancy's Fast Dance I
Fast Dance II Femtoseconds of Joy Fifth Ave - Fantasies & Nostalgia
Fifth Avenue Blues Finishing Disease Antidotes Firesign I
Firesign II Firesign III Firesign IV
Fireworx Flirting Is Automatic Flounder Of the Universe
For Niccy Forty-Two Is Not The Answer Friday Night Fractals
Friendly Lust Funboy 4 Fuzzy Mae Goes West
Gaius In The Rafters Gandalf & Gollum Getting To Know You
Gift of the Nile Glubl & Mee-ba GoCaf
GoCaf Update Golden Hind Sightings Hanoi Jennifer
Healing Slowly Healthy Boy Heros & Zeros
High Maintenance Blues Hilary, It's Only 300 Feet Hip Rotation Inspiration
Holding The Line Hollywoodland's Vines Home With The Trades
Hope and Bubblegum I Hope and Bubblegum II Hope III
Hope V Hot Love I Don't Want To Grow Up
I Resent Bill Graham Ibiza Dream I'll Bet You Say That To All The Boys
Inspiration, Enthusiasm, and the 8th Cranial Nerve It Wasn't All Bad Jackie Bounce
Jackie's Lost Raves Jackie's Sweet And Sexy For Melody Jane's Predictions
Juan's Real Clipper Trippe Just Don't Hit Anything Kashgar Again
Kiev , Kashgar, Nu? Knights At The Avalon Lara's Tape
Lawn Guyland Ice-T Heads Le Cirque Du Pigalle Like Yet Unlike
Lipid Buy Later Little Radio Big Heart Location & Relocation
Love 151 Love Always Hurts Like This Love Answers More Questions
Love Songs Love Songs II Love Songs III
Love Songs IV Love Songs V Love Songs VI
Love Songs VII Love Until Tomorrow Love's Mirages
Loyal Opposition Magnolia And Maple Making Extra Noise
Marcel's Maiden Lane Mass Merritt Migration MC Boone Sez "Go Left"
Meow Might Make It Metal Revisited Middle School Art
Midway Hope More Love To Come More Or Less Paul's
Morning Box Prayers Move Over Gypsy Rose Music For Ludes and Virginals
Music For The Madness NA+ NA+CL-
Nardil Insurance Natasha '83-'85 Nerd Shins
New Sufi New Yawk Walk Nobody Wants To Mess With 23
NYC Boys Like Me Like To Party October Anti-Odds I Old Parties Missed
Old Rebs Olympic Wedding Cake Fantasy Orange and Cream
Orange Opel Discipline Origins Other Flavors
Overall Opportunity Paesano Ergot Cogito Paradise By The Keyboard Lights
Party To Victory Pastel Party Patent Weather Fools
Patience Rewarded By You Pay Back Everyone Pen Is Mightier Enough
Pick Me Up Planetary Gears Pluto, Dopey & Goofy
Practice & Preparation Prayers of A XL Boy Pre-Ravelites
Pride Of The Lioness Pro Knows - Go Slow But Start Now Purple Pickett Fence
Rag Time Rhetoric Raising The Control Rods Random To The Wall
Rashomon XY Raspberries Raspberries II
Rats and Raskobs Reacquiring Merritt Redeeming The Promise
Rising In Phoenix Romance Royalty Of Bubblegum
RTW-II Sanitized Bazouki Sarcastic Surprise
Schwarzchild Radius Seoul Dance Sequoia Sempertrancens
She Bop She's A Butte Shop Window Prayers I
Shop Window Prayers II Shop Window Prayers III Shrill, Here, And Born To Rule
Sinuous, Perky, And Smiley Sisyphus Blossom Special Smuggled Cucumbers
Soft Dance I Soft Dance II Soft Dance III
Soft Dance IV Soft Dance V Soft Dance VI
Soft Dance VII Some Parties Are Actually Interesting… Special Stuff
Spirituals To Hoe By Spring '91 Spring Again
Stained Kimberlite Standard Deviation Starship
Steel String Sighs Streets Kill Capriciously String Saver Synthesis
Summer of Love 1996 Sunset Love Susan's Tape
Sustaining Love Sweet Sweet 30-60-00
Sweet Night Tacky Hop Tacky Hop II
Tacky Love Sticks Tearing Up The Report Card Testosterone Anthems
Texas Beat The Coarse, The Crass, and The Uncouth The Letting Go Local
The Next Corner The Road The Wall Haint Fake
The Women Thick As A Brick Third Time Forth
Threepenny Opera Tightening The Beltway Too Stupid To Quit
Trashy Truisms Twelve Number Twelve Twelve Year-Old Boy Mix
Two Hour Lunch Universal, United, and U Up For The Game
Utopia Vanadium Vinyl Rock I
Vinyl Rock II Vinyl Rock III Vinyl Rock IV
Vinyl Rock V Vinyl Rock VI Waiting By The Phone
Warehouse Happening Watching the Poteen Drip Wavy Tango Desire
We Came About The Ring Wear Your Goedel, You'll Need It Who Me?
Why Two Keys? Winston's Notebook Work/Freedom
Yasmina Didn't Make The Choose Young Men Now and Then Yuan A La Banque
Zhivago's Renaissance    



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